Putting the Pieces

together. 4 opens the doors this is gonna ramble because it is coming in fast and hot.

Lion’s Gate 8 8 8 2016 it was 8 Lions at the gates always has been the whole 3 thing blocked the gates. The more I see 2 and 4 and 6 and 8 the more opens.

Remembering it is an inside job. So the gates are within me many more than 8 not even gates more like arches. Vibrating and changing colors. Sounds, and colors flow together its electric.


of pure energy pulse through the gates and then pour throughout my electric body which pours through the rest of me. Pause need tea

Star gates that what they are Star Gates spinning now cannot keep my eyes open. Good to know I can type this way. Star Gates they are always either two or more there is never just one or three. We have been deceived deeply.

Star gates within Star gates up and down and outside. 2 4 or 6 or 8 opens the gates they open one by one electric pure energy in between charges the gates and they begin to vibrate and spin. I hear singing. They begin to sing themselves open. It is pure joy and love that opens them up. Pure Love. Pure Joy.. Star Gate Open.


It is in pure joy and love that I write this with my eyes closed. It is so deep what I am seeing for me. My blog. I needed to document this. Star Gates within me. I am guessing we all have them and they have either been tampered with some destroyed. They fade with no focus. But they never go away and are able to repair themselves. This is why we can see them in ┬áthe Middle East. The Star Gates have enough energy to repair, restore and return to full power. So everything evolves. Everything grows. Even Energy…..Especially energy.

It is what I am.