End the ending

Rests on my perception.

I am no longer able to see and feel just the outside it is vital for me to delve deeper than ever before on the inside.

My soul she lives.

This time  we merge as I over stand the sequence of actions and the dissolving of all that is no longer wanted or needed by me and my soul.

Words get in the way. They block the action. I get so pissed about surrender. It means to the ego that we failed and then the monkey mind takes over beating us up for what? An idea not a truth. A perception that was never mine to begin with. Tainted, words are. Ideas tarnished with actions behind them.

It is not to argue or fight any longer. It is to have the courage to allow the play to unfold in front of you and you not make a single move but breathe.  To live here right now and not react to the  drama fed to you on a daily basis from the same place the warped perceptions come from.

We all are here now to let it go once and for all times and all worlds. We are working with such a large crew and all have the same dream. Freedom.

It is beyond global. It is beyond the universe, it spreads throughout all creation. Freedom.

We can feel it we can hear it we can taste it and we can smell it for the first time ever as far I as I know the chains have only been weakened never severed until now. Now there is enough Love.

When everyone gathers and they will, the main topic will be how did we not get the main key, that Love was what we needed to defeat this parasite? There will be a great deal of head shaking and foot in mouth. I say, forget that.  We only knew what we knew. Now we know what we didn’t know and now we can Move On.

Now the Real comes forward and burns through the lies and we all get to see the “man behind the curtain.” The parasite that took over worlds upon worlds only to try take on our home to own.

So this is the end of the end and the start of the new. We broke through, we stand now without one single weapon. We have no war room to discuss next moves in. We are not in the trenches breathing our last gulp of air.

Silent in the center of my soul garden I stand gazing all that is before me and seeing that it is all inside of me and as real as the garden I work in every week. I commune with our star, our father, The Sun. I commune with Gaia,our mother, the Earth. I commune with my soul. All are here in my garden and  I see the three and me makes four beyond the three was where it was always meant to be….My soul and I, merged and then merging with the Sun and Earth.

The end then is not the end but the start of the next story never told.

Until Now.






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