Right Now

Aloha and  Good Morning

has been a long time since I have written here or anywhere except for a quick poem or thoughts to myself. I stopped talking about stuff everywhere except to a couple of pals who over stand me.  Yes I did mean to type over stand.

It has been difficult to describe what is occurring for me personally and so I just it keep close and learned the way within.

On the outside the Lesson of Fear and Hate marches on. Folks just do not want to give up the Program. It is viewed as Real.

I was at a birthday party recently and the subject of Syria came up and what was going to be done about the folks who were getting out of there and filling up other nations. It loud and there was the general cry that it was too much and no one could handle people from other places coming in. I said put love in front of the question and boy oh boy did that stir up a can of that will never happen…I walk away from that now…I don’t want to be around the energy of “that will never happen.’ I learned that is why it has taken so long for the Light to break through because we all believed “that would never happen.” Well it has happened is happening and will continue to Happen as enough of us rose up and turned up our inner soul lights and said Peace is possible. Freedom is possible Global Love is Possible. We never gave up…We never gave in. We fell down, we screamed and cursed and shouted but we picked ourselves up and carried on shining shining shining Love though our beings .

The Quest has ended and I have walked away from the Game. I laid down my weapons. I forgive and keep forgiving myself and all. I speak to Gaia. I speak to the Sun, I speak to Water, to Air I bless Nature. I have shoved my old beliefs off the table of my soul and burnt them with fire and cleaned up the ashes and put them in my garden in the center of my Hearts of hearts. Clearing, clearing clearing constantly knowing I make room for my new life underneath all the shit.

I now face the future more in joy because the adventure we all call together. We get the chance never before to live here really truly free. We do not even know what that means yet but its here and all we have to do is agree to end the old game clear away the debris and start again.

Hate and Fear did not win. They did not win because they did not believe that Love even lived, in everything and even had their well being in mind. They just cannot handle that. To them Love is a hot pan handle they cannot pick up. They brought Ego in to help them win the game and for a long long long time the three of them kicked ass and walked all over Gaia.

They became so drunk in their success they stopped watching and listening. What could Love do them? Their slaves were deep asleep and doing just what they wanted. But Love was here as well and it was in everyone and everything including Gaia. The call went out far and wide and within and the Program was deemed no longer necessary and scheduled to discontinue. Love grew until enough of the those that live on the surface began to realize that Program was not what they wanted. They wanted love, peace, kindness. They wanted unity and freedom to express themselves and to share with one another no matter where on the globe.

This put a crack in the program and Love spread all throughout and as 2015 Love is being felt in huge vast waves coming from our Central Sun which sends it to our star our Sun who is in love with Gaia and is showering her and everything  and everyone with Love.

Fear and Hate and Ego are bailing. They want to take as many souls as they can. We are either helping them or hindering them depending how much Love we are showing for ourselves and each other and Gaia. I see blogs and articles that are from those who profess their love for the light yet they write about all the negative drama still dragging on like a bad play that just won’t end. We just don’t need to keep taking the lid off and looking at the oozy stuff dying in the jar. Put the lid on and turn and walk away. It is done and the sooner we all focus on what we all want the sooner the stage is cleared cleaned repaired restored and ready for a fresh new act Us as we are Free..

Please be kinder. Be softer. Be easier on yourselves. We did not know what we did not know and now that we are beginning to know what we didn’t know we are going to go through all the stages of grief. Go through it bless it and end it. Like this piece I am writing now. At some point it will be done. Be at Peace.


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