I say let it be

Choices. Energy and Choices.

We have come down to this.
Are we part of the problem or the solution.
We cannot condemn one human no matter how shitty they are.
We must understand that there are those who are not from around here.
They want what we have what is and what belongs to us and Gaia.
The Cabal or whatever Slaves they are lost souls filled with the poison of promise of wealth, name and power…Slaves in collars so long, so sleek so pretty they believed they were free and they were groomed for generations to turn on their own kind.

When we stop murdering one another we will see the truth of this. For in a moment of silence whom do you truly hate? No One so why is this in our DNA?


I Stand for Peace. I stand for Humanity and all life on in and around Gaia Isay we are all worth it no matter what. Liberty and then we help our brothers and sisters. We grow. We Shine We live in Peace.

Have a wonderful day and night…We gonna go farther tonight. 08-08-14