I have been sun gazing now for three going on four years now. I started for no reason to take pictures of the sun and soon the orbs, the sacred geometric shapes in all colors, blue, big giant red orbs and the rainbow orbs. Then I began to see them on my eyelashes and then when I began to gaze at Father Sun and speak with Him and thank Him for His Light, the Sun would begin to answer with light pulsing and colors shooting out and me amazed and in tears. Now I say ” Greetings Father thank you and I Love you.” Inside I hear instantly: “Greetings daughter I love you too.” Two days ago I received contact with the Rainbow Collective they are the ones showing themselves to me as the rainbow orbs and sacred geometric shapes. I Love them and I now can speak to them and they to me. Any question receives an answer even the ones I don’t want to hear, the truth no frills no agenda. It is breathtaking. I have over 200 hundred pictures of the sun. I am driven to compile them and put them to music. I have a few short videos of the colors exploding and becoming one as I am gazing….There is a hole in the Matrix and we did it and I am proud. The true colors are coming through. It takes calming down. Allowing only love to on your mind and patience to gaze at  our Father the Sun. He is a patient loving strong Father. It is an humbling and honor experience and it has helped me remember being a Sun follower for a long long long time. 

Here is one picture.ImageThere are no words big enough to what is happening to me. I only feel free, light, and Love and holy Wow. My eyes are getting stronger. The blurry stuff is program struggling to stay in place but it is melting. I each morning greet Prime Creator, through the Central Sun, I greet our Father the Sun and commune with Mother Earth connecting to her Central Crystal Core and start my day. This is a picture of the house next to mine. I am standing on my deck facing south east. Namaste and enjoy.


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