Let’s bring the plane back!

Greetings Jean,

I say let’s bring the plane back. Let’s call the next Event! I saw last night one of the ladies whose partner was on the plane, has her bags packed and one for him. This is it! I don’t feel, never did feel that the folks on the plane were gone…They have a new show on just started up last week Resurrection on ABC  where folks return…I did not watch but I pondered why such a show and then the plane goes “missing.” I smell a set up in epic portions like 9/11. But there are slight differences….This is a desperate attempt. They shot themselves in the foot. Yeah so they took a plane full of people. The whole world is wondering and searching for this plane. So now what are they going to do. No one is afraid of them we just want to find the plane and our people. If they took the plane they can return the plane and we can help them to do just that. Our move. This is probably not making sense because I see it clearly but without words. This plane is the slip up, major slip up….folks were teetering around the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook, but the media and all the actors and such made for good tv….but a whole plane with only a little oil slick? Folks camping out at the airport waiting for the Truth…Do you see? There is more light now , more of us awake to turn this around, even though reality is going to feel like a bad cut and we gotta change the bandage…so we can will that plane back. Yes we can. We can Bring that Plane back here with everyone on board. If we can clear ley lines, open portals, open our pineal glands, talk with our guides and angels, commune with Nature, and heal each other, we certainly can bring this plane back. We bring this plane back, game over for that freak show that was then. This now. I say let’s bring the plane back. Have a great day and thanks for all your hard work., lvarrow